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Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer


So.... got what it takes to be a X Slayer?!?... 7 weapons, blood and gore, twisted music by Seepage & Psyko Syndikate, and maps where you can blow up everything. its awesome. started making it in 1998 in high school with my friend and now im 37, so i have life experience now.

About This Game

.. welcome to.... THE STEEL SEWER. The biggest motherflippin secret base in the galaxy.

  • We are X Slayers... It is we who fight The Psyko Sindikate.
  • We pledge to defend the people of earth even though they're beep-holes to us and don't even deserve it.

Why? Because the Psyko Sindikate are freakin sick evil turds and are using the Hackblood (yes... they are stealing our powers... idiots) to bring evil enemies to life & take over the world and enslaven humanity.

We study the secrets of the Hackblood and it pulses through our veins.
We lie in wait, biting our time for the right moment to strike the Psykos.... while blasting original music by Seepage & Psyko Syndicate

Weather by
  • S-Blade,
  • Double Pistols,
  • Glass Blaster,
  • Explosive Sludge Launcher,
  • X100 Rapid Mutilator,
  • Triple Helix Missile Launcher,
  • or Hackblood Power

, we will hunt them down and get them wherever they hide.... they can hide anywhere like...
  • my room
  • the sewer
  • the playground
  • the dollar$haver store
  • the laundrymat
  • professor pizza
  • inside a computer
  • at the south boise july 4th fair
  • and more...


back in 1998 me and my friend Chase were making this game... and guess what... Chase found it again. he burnt it onto a CD-ROM and now we're going to finish it and put it on-line. i got out of computers in the mean time because I had to get a real job at a Dollar$aver (I even have a kid... how did htat happen BWL!!!?) so i forgot how to program but Chase is going to do it, he went to college for it. i still have my notebook with all of the designs and guess what.... its still flipping incredable. get ready for the greatest game in the world......


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